Iberia+Med+Aegean Black Sea

Navigomes is, since January 2017, the exclusive agent in Portugal of the Greek shipowner, NEPTUNE LINES, which operates a fleet of 16 modern and specialized ships for the following cargo segments:

  • Rolling cargo of all kinds, light or heavy, new or used;
  • Industrial, wheeled or tracked machines;
  • Construction machines;
  • Agricultural machinery;
  • Project loads;
  • Heavy or large industrial equipment;
  • In general, all type of load self-propelled on own wheels.


Neptune Lines is a market leader in vehicle logistics provider, offering transportation, on scheduled services throughout the Mediterranean, Turkey and Black Sea areas, with stopovers in the following key ports:

Setubal (Portugal) - Vigo (Spain) - Casablanca (Morroco) - Tanger-Med (Morroco) - Mostaganem (Algeria) - Djen-Djen (Arlgeria) - La Goulette (Tunisia) - Valetta (Malta) - Alexandria (Egypt) - Ashdod (Israel) - Beirut (Lebanon) - Limassol (Cyprus) - Mersin (Turkey) - Borusan (Turkey) - Yenikoy (Turkey) - Derince (Turkey) - Efesan (Turkey) - Novorossiysk (Russia) - Illyichevsk (Ukraine) - Constanta (Romania) - Piraeus (Greece) - Koper (Slovenia) - Vasto (Italy) -Civitavecchia (Italy) - Livorno (Italy) - Savona (Italy) - Marselha (France) - Fos (France) - Sete (France) -Barcelona (Spain) - Valencia (Spain) - Malaga (Spain).


Neptune's mission is to consolidate its position as the most reliable Ro-Ro (Roll on-Roll off) freight carrier in the area where it operates, offering the most flexible transportation solutions to the exact measurement of customer needs.

We are at your entire disposal for any queries that may be of your interest, within the scope of the cargo and traffic characteristics mentioned above, for this purpose please request a quotation.