Our services unfold in such diverse areas as commercial and technical advice, the agency and ship consignments, the forwarding activity in all its aspects.

We also proceed to secured customs clearance, general port operations and especially those that result from the typology of certain cargoes and merchant units, storage, warehousing, improvement and freight, technical and commercial management of port and rail-road terminals, the provision of storage and handling of cargo under customs suspension, the promotion of business and the management of financial and human resources services.

The Navigomes can thus make a complete product management, from arrival at the port, delivery to the carrier end, using for this purpose our network of associates, including:

  • Luís Filipe L. S. Gomes, Lda. - Customs Clearance (
  • Interset - Bonded Warehouse
  • Navipor Port Operator General, Lda (Stevedoring) - Port Operations